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entrance to the poldark mine

Poldark Mine an industrial Heritage Museum in a beautiful rural setting


OPEN DAILY* to OCTOBER 27 inclusive

MAIN MINE EXPLORER UNDERGROUND TOUR A - EACH DAY - Tour Times 11.00am, 12.15pm & 1.30pm {takes about 65 minutes}


REFRESHMENTS - We regret that our tea room will be closed in June due to a staff shortage, chilled fizzy & organic bottled juices & drinks, ices, Seaford gluten free crisps, biscuits, chocolate, & confectionery are available and all visitors are more than welcome to picnic in our gardens where tables are provided.

Check in time for MAIN MINE EXPLORER Tour A is no later than 15 minutes before advertised times - the museum & grounds close about 30 minutes after the end of the last tour - so if you want to visit the museum, have a picnic or to take refreshments, please arrive at least one hour before the final tour of the day.

SHOES, SHOES, SHOES !!!! Please ensure that you wear suitable stout walking shoes or trainers or you may NOT be allowed to take a mine tour. High heels, wedges, ballet shoes, light or flimsy shoes, sandals & flip flops CANNOT be worn in the mine [more details below].

MAIN MINE EXPLORER TOUR A is electrically lit throughout and has 40 downward steps and 53 upward steps. RESTRICTIONS - Due to health and safety, security, mining and other risks - bags, backpacks, cameras, ipads, dvd players, transistors, laptops, mobile or cell phones are NOT allowed, photography is NOT permitted in the mine - please leave all such items in the boot of your car - see detailed notes below about suitable footwear and other restrictions

Both hands will be needed in the mine for the handrails when negotiating our stairs. Three levels of the mine are explored.

To save delay you can pre-book and prepay for any tour a day or two before your visit - by telephone 01326 573 173 - the booking office is open DAILY FROM 11 am - 2.30 pm except on Good Friday or Flora Day in May


TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS ONLY AT 2.45pm {takes about 90 minutes}

[MUST be pre-paid at least TWO hours in advance or preferrably a few days in advance]

Check in by 2.15pm required - museum & grounds will close at end of tour - so if you want to visit the museum or to take refreshments, please arrive at least one hour earlier. It should be noted that this tour is subject to cancellation at short notice. In the rare event that a cancellation needs to be made, a full refund will be made.

The Cornish Heritage Collection, grounds and our free visitors car park are open from 10.30am to 2.30pm - last admission 1.30pm - except on Deep Mine Tour days when 2.30 is the last admission time for those taking the Deep Mine Tour only.

CHECK IN TIMES Visitors for either tour need to arrive & be ready to go underground by at least 15 minutes BEFORE the Main Mine Explorer Tour A and for the Deep Mine Adventure Tour B at least 30 minutes before the scheduled tour time - preferably more - {see note below re museum & tea room closing times}

*** DEEP MINE UNDERGROUND ADVENTURE TOUR B - Restricted to fit adults only, children must be over the age of 10. Booking & pre-Payment by telephone at least 2 hours in advance required. The main lights in the mine are turned off for this tour, all visitors are issued with genuine miners battery powered head lamps which add to the atmosphere of the guided tour. The emergency lights will remain in use. Four levels of the mine are explored.

DEEP MINE BOOKINGS Bookings for Deep Mine Adventure Tour B can only be made by telephone or a personal visit with a credit/debit card at least 2 hours in advance. Numbers allowed are limited so booking a week or two in advance by telephone is recommended to avoid disappointment

FOOTWEAR, BACK PACKS & BAGS Mining conditions are presented during the underground tour. Please ensure for your safety that you wear stout sensible walking shoes or trainers. Flimsy shoes, flip flops, high heels, wedges, open toed sandals, open heeled sandals or house shoes will NOT be allowed. [bags, backpacks, cameras, ipads, dvd players, transistors, laptops, mobile or cell phones are NOT allowed, photography is NOT permitted] both hands will be needed in the mine when negotiating our stairs.

CAR KEYS - We recommend that car and other keys are safely secured in a zipped or deep pocket in case they are accidentally dropped in the mine.

SENSIBLE ATTIRE - WATER & Mine Conditions .... This is a real subterranean tin mine. All mines in Cornwall had a water problem, you will see the ruins of many engine pumping houses all over the county, there were thousands at one time. All 3,500 known Cornish mines are now completely flooded and were very wet, we are no exception. Wheal Roots at Poldark Mine is the only mine open to the public that pumps today. We raise between 15 to 20 million gallons (circa 90 million litres) of water out of the mine each year, thats around 50 thousand a day.... the mine is wet underfoot so trainers are best or a good walking shoe. Water drips in most of the mine, following wet weather water gushes out of the rock in places and you may get splashed - so a showerproof jacket is recommended. There is rust and ochre on the walls in places which might get on your clothing, do try to avoid brushing against the walls and ensure that you come prepared for a mine visit by wearing washable clothing and stout footwear.

RESTRICTIONS - Due to the risk of FIRE & for the SECURITY & SAFETY of all VISITORS... We very much regret that CAMERAS, MOBILE PHONES, PCs, KINDLES, & PADS or any similar or other electronic devices, bottles with liquids or sprays, sharps or knives, bags, backpacks, etc are NOT allowed into the mine or beyond the ticket desk in our museum - matches, lighters, smoking materials, e-cigarettes [including vapes] are NOT allowed anywhere in our gardens or car parks - we are a 100% SMOKE FREE ZONE.

NO PLASTIC BOTTLES PLEASE - Doing our little bit for the environment means that we do not approve of plastic bottles and ask that you refrain from bringing them here. They will not be allowed into our gardens or the mine - not only for environmental reasons but also to ensure that bottle tops and plastics are not taken into the mine which could jam the mine pumps.

To avoid delays at the ticket desk, please ensure that leave all such RESTRICTED items & devices in your car boot or at home. Photography is NOT permitted. Both hands will be needed in the mine when negotiating our stairs. Please do not take sweet papers or any plastic bottles, paper or foil wrappers into the mine. Walking sticks, crutches or walking frames are NOT permitted into the mine.

GENERAL RESTRICTIONS, CHILDREN, LESS ABLED ...... We regret that for the safety & security of all of our visitors that various mine regulations, minimum age and other restrictions apply - unfortunately the mine tours are not suitable for babies, very young children under 3, the infirm, the blind, epilepsy sufferers, pregnant or less abled visitors and regulations prevent them from entering the mine. [Main Mine Explorer Tour A has 40 downard and 53 upward steps] - [Deep Mine Adventure Tour B has 70 downward and 73 upward steps].

It should be noted that the minimum age for children is 3 to 4 years at the discretion of the Mine Captain or the mine guide. [The term Mine Captain is the Cornish designation for a Mine Manager] Children need to be well behaved and calm during their mine visit. Children cannot be carried in the mine or be put into back or front pouches or harnesses. Hard hats have to be worn by all persons & children at all times in the mine without exception.

REGULATIONS MINE REGULATIONS, security measures and restrictions are to avoid nuisance, delay, fire, acts of terrorism. These are in place to ensure your personal safety & security and that of others. Apart from the mine regulations and modern day terrorism risks, both hands will be needed in the mine when negotiating our stairs.

PICNICS - Visitors are invited to the picnic tables on the lower lawn, all that we ask in return is that you take home all of your personal food wrapping, papers and waste. If you have a picnic the picnic bag may be left at the ticket office and collected after your mine tour. If you are visiting for the deep mine tour, you will need to take your picnic well before the tour starts and return your bag to reception before going underground, you can then retrieve it on your way out. Picnics may NOT be taken on the tea lawn or bandstand which are reserved for visitors using our refreshment facilities. Bags may be searched. For security and the safety of all, there are CCTV cameras that monitor & record all areas of the car park, grounds, museum, ticket office & sales area.

SMOKING We regret that for the comfort of all of our guests and visitors tht Smoking of any description (including VAPES) is NOT allowed in anywhere in the garden or on the grounds and is PROHIBITED in our car park or outside our gates. WE ARE A 100% SMOKE-FREE ZONE.

NO DOGS - Sorry! - The entire Poldark Demesne & Car Park is a Wildlife Protected Zone & Sanctuary and therefore DOGS are NOT ALLOWED anywhere in our grounds or in our car park. CCTV cameras are used to ensure compliance with the NO DOGS policy. Please leave your doggies with a friend or at home. If you are an animal lover and visit with a dog in your car, please ensure that you do NOT allow the dog out of the car. Dogs are NOT permitted anywhere on our riverside land on on the turning apron and verges outside our gates, or along the woodland riverside in the lane. For the sake of your dog, please abide by the recommendations of the RSPCA .

CONCESSIONS We have concession rates for local residents with TR postcodes who will need to produce a driving licence or some other acceptable ID with a photo and address with a TR postcode for each adult, not available on the 11 am tour or when there is a special event. Military & NHS discount is also offered, ID will be required. Concession rates are available for senior persons over 65.

No concession discount is available in conjunction with any other offer.

DAILY PERSONAL RESERVATIONS for Main Mine Explorer Tour A NEED TO BE MADE BY TELEPHONE no more than 48 hours in advance. - We DO NOT require prepayment unless you wish to - 01326 573 173 - please do not e-mail reservations as we often dont have sufficient time to look at our e-mail every day due to busy times and the reliance on volunteers from time to time.

GROUP & PRIVATE CHARTER BOOKINGS Charters for groups are welcome at any reasonable time and booking enquiries should be made well in advance by telephone and followed up with an e-mail & all pertinent details. Prepayment will probably be required.

CAR PARK Our car park is free for visitors to the mine who pay for admission or to take a guided mine tour. It is not a car park to be used for any other purpose, please do not leave your car in our car park and go for a walk unless you have obtained a pre-paid car park ticket from our booking office. DOGS are NOT permitted in the car park and must NOT be allowed out of your car. We are a Wildlife PROTECTED ZONE.

The turning apron in front of our gates is the private property of Poldark Demesne and is a coach and bus turning space only. It is also the Poldark Mine Bus Stop and is used by regular daily public & school bus services to and from the next village to Helston, Falmouth and other destinations.

CCTV - Please note that for the safety and security purposes of all visitors that the car park, coach turning area, gardens and grounds are monitored by a number of 24 hour security cameras (CCTV) and images are recorded and held for up to 3 months.

REFRESHMENTS - We regret that our tea room is closed for the month of June due to a staff shortage, chilled fizzy & organic bottled juices & drinks, ices, Seaford gluten free crisps, biscuits, chocolate, & confectionery are available and all visitors are more than welcome to picnic in our gardens where tables are provided.

REFRESHMENTS - Switzers Buttery is a licensed coffee & refreshment counter courtesy service to our visitors but is not a full cafe. There is a limited service in early and late season, cafetières of exceptional quality freshly brewed roasted Colombian coffee with hot frothy local sourced Jersey milk & teapots of high quality loose leaf tea with good Cornish organic local milk are always available.

Food is sometimes limited to biscuits & toasted teacakes, or perhaps a Cornish Cream Tea with a fruited scone [Baker Tom] with Cornish butter, Cornish clotted cream & high quality jam. We usually have high quality locally baked [Baker Tom] carrot cake, flapjacks, Bakewell tart, brownies, or perhaps a filled locally baked roll [high quality ham, John West Red Salmon, Tuna, crispy mixed salad & mayonnaise, mature cheddar cheese, salad & chutney] or a freshly locally baked [Penny Williams] pie with salad - all as available.

Award winning Helford Creek organic drinks & apple juices are made on a farm just 7 miles from the mine, and other glass-bottled chilled drinks are available - we dont use plastic but re-cycle our glass, the drinks taste far better and are not tainted by the plastic. We try our best to reduce food miles but always aim for the best taste and quality. San Pellegrino mineral water comes from Italy but at present its our favourite for quality and taste.

The licensed refreshment counter closes for hot drinks & afternoon teas around 2pm at quieter times of the year - so if you wish to avail of the tea room or take tea in the lovely garden, please make sure you are here well in advance of your mine tour. On quieter days in early and late season the refreshment counter may be closed.

Chilled & cold drinks (non-alcoholic), crisps, biscuits, chocolate, sweets, ices etc. are available until we close for the day.

FOOD TO GO Cornish food on the move!!! We can provide an economic hot-pasty-in-a-bag service for small groups or coach parties [if booked in advance] - these are baked less than 2 miles away and are very tasty - they arrive piping hot whilst you are underground, ready to eat in the gardens or to take away in a greaseproof bag together with a napkin for a nibble on the coach with a chilled juice or organic drink to go.

DINING & ENTERTAINMENT .... Our professional experienced team of local caterers can provide a range of high quality food services, from canapés with champagne or fizzy to hog roasts with beer or a garden BBQ, from a mug of soup & a crusty roll to a full banquet or perhaps a carvery - luxury packed lunches & salads - cocktail Cornish Pasties - all costs are reasonable - easy speedy arrangements can be made. Marquees can be provided, small gatherings on our bandstand which can be a stage for performance - or at a great venue premises very close to us. We can usually arrange live brass bands or a choir.

PRIVATE PARTIES or GROUPS Small or larger groups can arrange for delicious hot locally made pies or hot baked pasties, soups or sandwiches if booked in advance. Please telephone at least a few days in advance to make such arrangements. We aim to be friendly and helpful.

TEA ROOM & BANDSTAND or STAGE We have a cosy heated tea room that seats 12 and overlooks the gardens, the bandstand is by the waterside and can also be used to take tea and refreshments.

Our Walker & Hall vintage silver-plated teapots & hot water jugs came from the Heaves Hotel near Kendal in Cumbria. The Whitlock family ran the country house hotel which closed after 70 years in 2016. Many famous guests stayed there including Prime Minister Harold Wilson; Lord Whitelaw; Everton FC team; Ian Botham; Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen; Rick Wakeman; singer Ralph McTell played the hotels grand piano and signed Catherine Whitlocks copy of Streets of London, his 1974 hit.

The teapots & hot water jugs were acquired from the Whitlock family in 2017 and were made by Walker & Hall, they are made of copper (most likely from Cornwall) which is silver-plated.

The unusual Heaves Hotel cake stands or tazze have been fashioned from old shell cases into a tazza-styled stand. The shell cases carry dates from both world wars and are silver plated brass. They were supplied to the hotel in the 1940s when materials were difficult to obtain.

PICNICS IN THE GARDENS Picnickers are most welcome but we would explain that the bandstand, upper lawn and our small tea room are 100% reserved, for those visitors who purchase our own refreshments.

If you do bring your own picnic you are welcome to sit on the covered verandah [ideal in wet weather] where there are tables, seats and chairs, or on the lower lawn, or on the traditional wooden picnic tables on the lower lawn. We can provide hot drinks or cold ones too.

Private Picnickers are politely requested to be green and take your own litter home with you, especially any plastic items, and to leave our tables clean and tidy.

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Address: Poldark Mine, Trenear, Wendron, Helston, Cornwall TR13 0ES UK      Call: 01326 573 173

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